Bio: I trained in Wales. In my first year of teaching, I worked in a special measures school in Bracknell. Then I moved to London and worked in two inner city state schools. Every school I left said “Kelly, you can teach here, so you can teach anywhere!” (Not that it feels true in the first few months while you gain the trust of your classes.

So teacher training college was all about ‘active learning’ and ‘multiple intelligences’ and ‘collaborative group work’ but did not really show me how to do that aside from Death by Card Sort. 

I moved to Denmark, intending to have a go in their system for a year or two and come back refreshed with the understanding of a Scandinavian Socialist Paradise education system.

I’m still in Denmark. My first school was a state school. My students had elected to have half their subjects in English. This meant they were preternaturally keen. They were still a bit lazy, I mean, I moved to Denmark not a planet from Star Trek where they have drugged their adolescents to love school.  But they were reasonably easy to motivate and keep on task. The worst that could happen was the students live tweeted my lessons. Our resources were a bit sparse and old but we made do.

My current school is an international school in a bigger city. We have been authorised as an IB school. I love trying new things, especially things that are least likely to be a waste of time. I have got into evidence based teaching in a big way.


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