Quick Start Guide to Plickers

Plickers are an unplugged way to received instant feedback from students and gives teachers the ability to formatively evaluate their class without needing student devices.

Here is Plicker’s own getting started guide and help pages.


Padlet Quick Start Guide

Here are padlet’s resources to help you get started.

It’s a really simple interface to get to grips with fast.

If using with a class, the temptation for students to write inappropriate messages on screen gives you some great teachable moments about being a responsible citizen in this information age. You can also moderate the posts before they appear, if you prefer.

Quick Start Guide to Class OneNote

OneNote is a tool for replacing paper in the classroom with a shared notepad for either colleagues or classrooms.

Microsoft has Virtual Academy guides

OneNoteforTeachers has several interactive guides on most topics


There is more information about how to use OneNote on its own website.

I have blogged previously on what it is like to start to use OneNote in the classroom and reflected on my usage a few months in.