Field Trips: A User’s Guide

Here are my top tips for having wonderful field trips:-

  1. Take café trips in shifts. I used to work in a science museum before I was a teacher and all the adults disappearing into the café was a sure indicator of which classes would act up.
  2. Have activities that don’t involve worksheets. Think of it more like a road trip with observational activities. The less they can leave on top of a display case, the better.
  3. If you can swing it, only take your class. You have a relationship with them, you know them well. This was painfully learned after I realised the children kicking the exhibits were complete strangers to me.
  4. Devolve as much of your responsibilities to your students as you can. Nominate a time keeper, a note keeper, a decider, an exhibit label reader, a photographer. I don’t know about you but I am shocking at plate spinning. Let the students lighten the load.
  5. Play dumb. I know all about the Bernoulli effect because of my science museum gig in my late teens. I still let students explain it to me when they learn about it. Curiosity is contagious after all.

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