New Lab

If you look at the timestamps between this post and the last, you will see a year has elapsed.

What happened?

My brand new middle school up and moved sites and the new site didn’t have a lab. I went into survival mode and did what I could to deliver the best curriculum possible. It has been a ride but I did not have any juice left over to share online. Maybe when I have recovered, I’ll share the resources I made for this less-than-ideal situation. (But honestly, mostly I used and adapted other people’s resources from, TES resources, the National STEM centre and Bad Science.)

This ride is coming to an end. The lab is being built. I had a lot of input into the design. (Apparently, back home, people get sent on courses so they can give an educated opinion.)  I like to think I made realistic contributions in the planning phase and the guy from the company was more than helpful.

Now we are ordering equipment. They sent me dozens of pdfs with lists of equipment that they sent to a similar school and called on me to decide what we should have and what we don’t need. This job is hard!

I know what units I have planned and I know basically what I have missed the most about this experience. But what if I really need something that I don’t order? What if I order a great white elephant and it just stares at me from the cupboards every day it isn’t used. It’s a big responsibility and I’m the only science teacher.

Still, it’s very exciting to think that in just a few weeks, I will have my very own lab to set up. As I go, I will share what I’ve learned and which resources I have found useful.


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