Earth in Space Resources

If you want to use these resources, you definitely need to change some of the details for your classes. I have only just started this unit, so these are the introductory lessons. Some of my students have done very little on Space, others are near expert level. I needed to find things that would stretch all of them.

Success criteria: What students will be able to do by the end of the unit

Keywords: Words students need to know. The blank column is for those who like to translate words into a mother tongue.

calendars: My first activity with my class. My intention was to help them make links between how the sun and moon  appear and where we are in the calendar. I have got used to thinking this is a given but it seems 11-12 year olds take ‘the’ calendar for granted without understanding why and how it was formulated.

Children generally chose calendars from their cultural background but still needed to research. I was surprised, actually, I assumed Muslim students would know more month names than ‘Ramadan’.

Also, when it is the ‘teaching’ phase, they like to hand over their notes and let their ‘students’ copy them down. So watch out for that.

You will need very good encyclopaedia, the internet or fact sheets you have made yourself.

Blendspace Page: homework consolidation activity. They will need the internet for this.


In this class, my students have really engaged with the success criteria. They finish every lesson by checking their progress and talking to each other about it. This is very gratifying (I cannot claim the credit though, they were like this from the start)


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