Science Fair!

So, it’s over. I will upload some useful resources once I’ve had time to regroup and think about what I learned. Next year will be so much better. I was so proud of my students. Even my lastminute dot com kids! They really did a good job. The scientists had some really good feedback about how they could improve and I look forward to sharing it with my classes. It was great for me to have feedback from real scientists, teachers can get bogged down in day-to-day teaching and learning. But of course, what my students are learning can be applied to the real world. They were also really nice people. It was so kind of them to give up a morning for us. Considering the challenges my students faced, they did extraordinarily well. They made some fantastic displays and overcame natural shyness to explain their projects to strangers. Some of them learned new skills only a few days ago. Several groups shared with me that other adults had said their work was good. They sounded surprised. I guess they think I’m just trying to be nice when I tell them I think they’re doing a good job. It’s great that they had some independent verification. Maybe they’ll believe me next time. (The trophies arrived in the nick of time. Hurrah!)


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