Science Day

My school decided to celebrate Science Day on 20th February this year.
We don’t exactly have a lot of resources or space to put on big events. I was glad I hadn’t planned a big event in the hall when the ceiling needed to be replaced that day!
We are a school for 3-15 year olds. The kindergarten are way out of my expertise, so their teachers organised something exciting with kitchen sink science.
For the older students, I made a presentation and display about science presentation to inspire them into thinking science might be something for them.
On the practical side, I found some science day that could be done with some sheets of paper and school stationery. One was about measuring and checking optical illusions, the other was for designing and experimenting on paper helicopters.
In the end, many of my colleagues had experiments that fitted in with their current theme which suited them better.
I’ve been involved in several high school science days. My first was about the science and maths of espionage. I would love to do that one again but it requires resources and facilities we simply do not have.
Another was bringing the science of solvents to life with a real life application of running a chemical cleanup. Again, exciting and inspiring but needs resources and space. Plus, those activities are very much for teens and would not work with 7 year olds.
I’d judge the day as a muted success even though it was a bit bitty. Our students had the chance to experiment and discuss what scientists do, after all.
Next year, I’ll try to get a budget and time on the calendar to meet with my colleagues to plan.


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